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What I Learned About Entrepreneurship by Diving Into a Saturated Market

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Just because a market is saturated doesn’t mean you can’t find success. Here’s how one entrepreneur entered a full market and offered a version of a service that no one else was offering.

I started my first business at eight years old, buying and selling Beanie Babies, to afford an electric guitar. I liked the feeling of buying something for a low price, then selling it at a markup at the right time. Little did I know, I’d just discovered my passion for growing young companies.

Years later, I had moved beyond plush toys and into digital marketing. My online music company, Fame Wizard, eventually evolved into a business education platform for musicians. I replaced myself with a new CEO at Fame Wizard to start a T-shirt company called Swag of the Month. Looking back, I wasn’t destined to sell toys or T-shirts; I just loved how it felt to start with nothing and grow a successful business.

So, I started advertising my expertise as a marketer. I quickly realized that there are thousands of digital agencies and experts, but saw that the vast majority of them knew almost nothing about digital marketing within the industries they served. And the good ones required long contracts and lots of cash.

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