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Online Business Without Investment

Having some extra income must be tempting. Today, lots of people are doing online business. Moreover, online business without investment is also what people looking for. It’s possible to run a business without investment or let’s say less investment. Online business is promising since it’s more practical and effective in some ways. Even those who have no experience in running a business can get used to online business easily.

So here is the list of online business with less or no investment:


If you like reviewing or commenting certain topic, you need to use your hobby for extra income. You can make a blog for certain topic that you are interested in for example parenting, girl’s make up, or foods review. Today, blog is such a fun source that so many people look up to. They like reading blog since it discuss topic deeply. You can write interesting content on your blog and earn money from Google adsense.

Freelance writing

The next online business without investment is still in writing field. You can maximize your skill to earn extra income by being a freelance writer, especially as content writer. In this job, you need to understand about copy writing, etc. Then, you will get paid by business owners. You will write content based on the website owner’s needs. You write to build brand awareness as well as optimizing SEO. You don’t need to invest on anything since you need only your writing skill.

Selling creative photos

People like interesting and captivating pictures these days. This can be a potential to earn extra income. This is one of the best online business without investment. You only need to take pictures of something that you think people will get inspired of. You can capture people or a moment. You don’t need to invest anything. To take pictures, you only need to use your smartphone or digital camera.

Youtube video

Youtube is one of the largest online platforms. You can earn money by making creative videos. The content depends on your interest. You can make a video related to life, products, or services. After uploading your video, you then start promoting it through social media. Then, you need to join Youtube partner program so you can earn some money fr each view of your video.

Online data entry

This is one of the best online job with no investment. You just need to complete some tasks such as finding information on the given topic, form filing, etc. There are many companies need someone to do this job. However, you need to be careful of scams and choose trusted company. Choose free pay type of joining data entry job. If they require you to pay for registration, skip it.


People today are living with the help of advanced technology. With technology, the way to run a business seems to be easier than before. Promotion can be done in a flash. Introducing products or service won’t take a long time as well. Thus, online business without investment must be promising and worth to try.

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