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Making It Online

Making It Online

A few years ago when I decided to do business online, I was a bit in the dark.I was so excited that I didn’t even take some time to learn some basic stuff.These were things I wish somebody had taught at the start beginning, but I had to learn them first hand.Here are a few things I learnt as a beginner:
The internet is loaded with scams and schemes and a lot of hype.But there are also a lot of legitimate businesses online.Making money online is just as it is in the offline world.To do so still requires hardwork , dedication ,persistence,passion and commitment.
There is no way you can become rich “overnight”.I used to join program after program to get a quick buck or two.This was all in vain.I was so eager to make some easy money , I forgot to take a reality check.Any truly successful online business will take time to build and grow.Are you willing to stick at it for the next 3-5 years ? A very good question to ask yourself.
Visibility is part of the game.The more visible and reliable you are , the more people will trust you.Trust is a big part of making it online.Would you spend your hard earn money with someone who is not trustworthy ? It took me some time to realise and accept this fact.
To receive you have to give.When I first started out , all I was interested in was receiving.As I got more deeply involved , I realised that doing so was setting me up for failure.You have to give your customers and readers something in order for them to return the favor.This also took some time to sink into my thick skull.
The above are just a few things you will need to know when doing business online.With these pointers , you will at least be at a better starting point than I was.Somehow I just keep thinking ; what would have happen if I had known these things at the beginning ?
To your success and mine ….,
© 2003 Nicholas Dixon

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