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Make Money Online – Scam Or Reality?

Make Money Online – Scam or Reality?

Everyone dreams about making money online, but can it be a reality or will you get sucked into scams that promise great income and never deliver? Well, the good news is there are legitimate ways that you can make money online. The difficult thing to do is figure out which business lines are real and which are scams.
There are thousands of sites that promise great income by creating websites, selling wholesales products, EBay marketing, completing paid surveys and reviews, playing online poker, writing your own ebooks, and the list goes on and on. The problem is, many sites that promote these tell you that they will show you exactly how to do it, set it up for you, host it for you, teach you the “system” and basically make it fool-proof or so simple that it will only take 15 minutes everyday for you to rake in the bucks. Do you really think that these are real opportunities? Think again.
It is very easy to get sucked into these sites and programs thinking that you will be on your way in just a few minutes and you start to dream about quitting your day job and taking that vacation you always wanted while your website brings in the dough from all over the world. Anyone who has looked into starting their own online business can fall for these tactics. You want to have your own online business, you look for the “right” program and you buy program after program or informational product that you think will help you get there. These turn out to be scams – when you bought the program and/or information you believed that you would be getting a step by step process that you could follow to achieve your goals, but found out after spending your hard earned money that you don’t understand the content or there is not enough information for you to really succeed.
It’s time to do a little more homework and put your past failures behind you. One of the best web-based businesses online today is affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to make money by basically advertising other people’s products, ebooks, or websites. Affiliate marketing gives you the ability of capitalizing on other people’s efforts via your website which you can setup in ways that suit you. No products to ship, no direct calls, cold calling, pyramid schemes or MLMs here.
How do you learn more about affiliate marketing? Well, quite by accident, I came across an ebook written by “The Rich Jerk” and I bought it. I was extremely skeptical about this purchase because I had tried so many in the past and all failed. This ebook was a surprise. It really does lay out exactly what you need to do, provides links and resources along the way so you don’t have to go out on your own and research the “how to” actually perform each task or step. The author has proven experience in online businesses and has been a millionaire several times over. The Rich Jerk shows you what he did to get there – although you will have to endure his in your face and sometimes outright arrogant explanations. But, the proof is in the pudding and this guy really does provide relevant information and instructions to get you started in your own online business. There are other products and websites that promote affiliate programs and marketing, but you should find a resource that reviews them first before you buy – save yourself money and make the effort to do a little research before making that next purchase!
There are more and more review sites popping up all over the Internet. Make use of them. Try to find one that will give you real opinions and reviews that are based on their use of the product, not just summaries or opinions/testimonials from other people. If the information is not detailed and does not give you examples of what to expect once you purchase the program or information, then you back in the “take your chances” seat.

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