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How To Make Money Dark Web

People are more curious about how to make money dark web. But what is dark web? You must have known about search engines such as Bing or Google. However, it’s not the only search engines available on the internet. There is also dark web.

Basically, there are three parts or stages when you explore world wide web. They are surface, deep, and dark web. When you search something in using surface web like Google, the URL will help you accessing it and it will be shown publicly. Meanwhile, deep web contains content which are not indexed by standard or regular search engine like the surface web. The examples of deep webs are online banking website, email account, and others web which require a login step to be accessed.

Then, there is dark web, which can be accessed using specialized software only. Thus, not everyone can access this web. It is sometimes also referred to darknet which is used to make communication anonymous. Most of dark web is used for illegal activities such as drug selling, black market, etc. Thus, if you ask if it’s possible to make money through dark web, it is. However, you may spend your life in jail if you get caught doing illegal money making in dark web.

Here are what people do to make money illegally with dark web:

  • Being a professional hacker. Those who are trained and being expert in hackers prefer dark web to promote their hacking service. They are ready to hack anything asked by the clients. The price will depend on how dangerous the hacking is, and the difficulty in the process.
  • Carding forum is one of methods on how to make money dark web. It is a marketplace where carders buy necessary information related to stolen credit or debit card, personal data, financial information, etc. Carders who don’t want to steal the victim’s data directly prefer this method since it doesn’t rewuire complicated process. Thus, they buy the information already available in the carding forum.
  • Another thing used by people to make money on dark web is selling a voucer for cut-price supermarket. Supermarket vouchers are sold in exchange with bitcoins. People are now more interested in collecting bitcoins instead of real money because the value is increasing through the times.

Lots of people may get interested to use certain method to make money through dark web. However, lots of activities in dark web tend to be illegal even not all of them are. Aside from selling illegal products or service, there are also people who use dark web to spread important information without being traced. Some activitists also use dark web to avoid being traced by the government’s restriction.

Making money in the dark web is possible since there are people who really do it. However, the risk is just too big to overcome that you might end up spend the rest of your life in prison. The information above only the example on how to make money dark web. It’s not advisable for you to try the method unless you’re ready to give up with your life.

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