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How To Make Money Blackhat

There are many ways in making money when it comes to digital business. You may have even heard about blackhat method in making money. People are getting curious to know how to make money blackhat. In digital business, there are whitehat, grey hat, and also blackhat. People consider blackhat method as illegal way. However, lots of them are also curious to apply the type of blackhat money making. Some people who have tried the methods failed while some were successfully obtaining some money.


There are many types of blackhat players. They could be hackers, bloggers, etc. So here are examples of money making methods by most blackhat bloggers:

  • Some blackhat bloggers use e-book to make money. They do it by creating a short e-book consisted of 2 pages. Then, they insert affiliate links in it then select attractive title for the e-book. This will show the authority as well as the value of e-book. They make the title as awesome as possible to attract people’s attention. They then publish it in sharing sites in different forms and finish. Complete with the steps, they just need to wait for the money to come.
  • Another method used by blackhat bloggers to make money is using Youtube and commentary. The first step is to look for public figure whose followers are many. Then, they will go to Youtube and find the very first video related to the public figure. Next, they write comments about the content of the video. Next, they make fake accounts then use it to write another comment in the previous comment they made. They will put link of landing page in the fake accounts then make positive comments about it. Then they cover up their landing page using with an offer as a content locker and finish. This method requires several steps but it often works.
  • Using Google News as well as SEO is another know-how to make money blackhat. First, they search for keyword ‘announced’ to find out the most recent products to be launched. Then, they create website containing some articles related to the keyword of the products. Next, they build some links so it gets higher rank in the search engine. Then, they make reviews about the products once the producrs are really launched to the market. They put affiliate link for the keyword related to the product and finish.
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Even though it’s possible to make money using blackhat methods, you need to keep in mind that it may lead you to some problems once you’re caught using those methods. It may be considered as fraud act. Even professional blackhat hackers won’t hack carelessly without considering the risks first. Besides, the blackhat players successfully making money after trials and errors.


Thus, it is advisable for you to consider everything in mind before practicing the blackhat methods to obtain some money. That’s brief information about how to make money blackhat. There are other methods considered safe to obtain additional income that you can try though. So you don’t need to try the methods above blindedly.

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